Stop your busy Body & Mind with our deeply Relaxing Spa experience & Massage

Stop your busy Body & Mind with our deeply Relaxing Spa experience & Massage

Swedish Massage

A blissful massage that will take you to a profound level of deep relaxation. This is a classical method to soothe sore muscles and improve circulation.

Therapeutic Massage

Will relieve and prevent muscle soreness. The therapist uses a variety of techniques. This massage aids in the healing of injuries and assists the immune system.

Sports Massage
Pre-event: Invigorating treatment to warm up and loosen muscles. Post-event: Releases toxins, stiffness and cramps.

Neuromuscular Massage

This therapy applies Deep Tissue work and Myofascial release. It relaxes muscle spasms by stimulating the release of endorphins.





Shiatsu Massage

Oriental form of bodywork stimulating pressure points to tone and balance the system as a whole. Please wear loose cotton clothing.

Medical Massage

This treatment is specifically directed to resolve conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician and is result oriented.


Add-on to any Massage or Facial Service:
Aromatherapy $10
Paraffin bath hand treatment $10
Salt or Sugar Foot Scrub with peppermint oil $10

Couples Massage Packages

Mommy To Be Pregnancy Package


Gentleman’s Escape


Mother Daughter Retreat, Showers & Spa Parties!




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